Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Flowers

So here is photoshoot of Keira.SOmthing happend after i took these.....

So here the just:
I was just finishing the last picture when a huge bee flies in my face!So i run the opposite way to try to run i some how trip and then had to limp all the way up the driveway.SO i may have cried but im fine just my knee and ankle!I do not like bees!It still hurts just a bit!(Slightly a little bunch)
Sorry!This was ment to be uploaded sunday but that happend!Meowth thats right!


  1. I hate bees, too XD! I love the flowers in this shoot, they're the perfect background. Also, I LOVE Keira's name ;)
    -Keira :D

  2. The Photos are lovely! Hope you get better soon. I hate bees too. :)

  3. Aww thanks so much!Yes i love the flowers!.Zen Dolls,I am better exept my knee is locked up and if it doesnt dissolve i might have to have surgery.I hope it gets better soon!-Sophie

  4. Pretty pictures! I totally get the bee dilemma, that happens to me too many times to count!;) Or just with any bug in general...;)


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