Monday, January 18, 2016

A new doll!?!?!

Hey Guys!Today i am announcing a new member of the family!I really didnt realizee somthing cool about this doll until now,Again happy MLK day!Can you figure it out?Anyway here are some pictures of her!
Here she is in the box.She has an adorable outfit!
Close up of her face.Lemme just say she looks cuter in real life!

I did a quick photoshoot,I didnt do it outside because it is below freezing.So ya.
Her hair is super curly!I dont know how i am gonna manage it!If you have any tips please comment!
She has a super adorable hat!I think ive decided to name her Kiera!

See you guys tomorrow-Sophie

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cleaning a dolls limbs with baking soda

Hey Peoples!So today I cleaned Kit's limbs with bakig soda and water.THE RESULTS ARE AMAZING!!I couldnt beleive my eyes when i saw the results,of course it depends on how dirty your doll is.
Here is a pic of her when i first scrubbed her down.
Scrubbed down,just the body in this picture(sorry these were upside down)
Scrubbed down,face close up.
And here is the result!
It left some residue around the mouth area.
And also on the last finger,i am gonna have to wrinse her off again!
See you guys L8R-Sophie

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Custom Of Kit??!!!?

Hey guys!So today i have a quick pic of my custom Kit!No,Kit is not permanantly like this,it is a wig.For her more rebel needs.
Here is a quick shot of her.
Back Of her.
And a close up.I hope you like her!The wig is removable btw.I just like her like this for somthing i might do.Let me give you a hint.Its called Lost.

Family Picture!

So Here is our family picture!
Saige-Sitting,side,blue dress
Adalaine-red head,standing
I hope you like our family picture!I would put it as our header if i knew how to.....

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to take care of Caroline's hair

Hey.So sorry for this being late.Im sick with cold and a horrid headache.Ughhh.Anyway,I did a thing and its for Craoline's hair.Its basicly how I do her hair.I wasnt able to do a family vlog because i felt bad and I noticed that caroline's hair was messy sooooo....Ya thats how i got this.
So if you have a Caroline doll,you know how messy her hair can get!But I am gonna show you how i take care of her hair.
But first your going to need a clean,unused toothbrush,you can use water if you want,but i dont it makes my dolls hair rougher for some weird reason...
So,take a piece of the hair and the tooth brush and....
And just brush it with the tooth brush then twist it.I would recommend starting at the bottom to brush.
And here is the result(If you dont like it you can always redo it.I redid after i took this pic)
 Repeat for each lock of hair.
Oh yeah,Dont forget about brushing the top of the head for any kinks or fly-aways.
And there you have it!Your curly haired doll/Caroline doll looks great!

Sorry for some of the weird lighting,i used a different camera!
See yall in tomorrows post-Sophie

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kit Post:Secrets and LLAMA-CORNS!?!??!

Hi guys!Kit here!And Addi gave me a gift.Its really....Cool!But thats not all were talking about today.

She gave me this awesome poster with........

A Lllama corn!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!Like this is so amazing!I will be hanging it up soon so you might just see it soon!

Anyway,enugh about the llama-corn.TIME FOR SECRETS!!!!!
Saige has a secret.Im not exactly sure what it is but I know its a DOOZY!
Well also another big news.Im going to have my own colum!!!!Its going to be called
 Kit's Colum!
Also,you may have noticed I am not wearing my glasses.I Got contacts!I dont know what I am gonna sick with,so ya.
See ya'll later!-Kit

Family Vlog:2

Today,Ruthie went to the animal shelter to hep out.In the picture is a poodle named Marshmellow.
 While Ruthie was away at the shelter,our cousin,Charlotte,came over.It was fun!
 Addi is showing off her favorite tsum tsum,Stitch!
 Caroline shows you guys her book she is reading.
 #Lazy Days
End the day out with epic stunts!(Kit was practicing,she wants to go to circus camp in the summer!)

See you all in the next family vlog!-Ag Bookworm Family

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Goty 2016 Opinion

 my camera not working soooooooo......
(Picture from:,Found on google.)
SHE IS SO PRETTY!!!I love the green eyes with blonde!and not to mention the BEAUTIFUL brown highlights!I especcially love her collection because those are things that I would wear!And (not to mention that she looks EXACTLY like me...HEHEHEHE)Anyway,Camille,Thats her friend ,(wait right?)She looks pretty similar to my bff!(whos dolls you will be seeing very soon ^_^)And the illustrations are even looking like me!Honestly,she is my doll and I am saving up for her.
Peace out-Sophie

Monday, January 11, 2016

Meet My Dolls

Hey!So,I thought the next best thing to do is make a My Dolls space!So listing out my dolls an some of their personality traits.

Name:Ruth-Anne Fay Smith
Pet-Peeve:When my younger "sibs" annoy me.
Favorite Color(s):Red
Favorite Animal: HORSES!!
Bio:Hey I am Ruth-Anne,but no need to call me that,just call me Ruthie!I am a 16 year-old who just loves animals!I am the oldest out of the Ag Bookworm family.I am an older(1998)Our Generation Doll who was rescued way,way,way,way,way back when from a garage sale.I was the first doll to enter the family.Some of my favorite things are,Horses,riding horses,dogs,and volunteering at animal shelters.I guess you could call me the head of the family,because most of the time im in charge!You can get to know me even better by reading our family vlogs!

Name:Kit Jasmine Kitteridge
Nick-Name:Kit,I guess.....
Pet-Peeve:When Saige hides my glasses.
Favorite Color(s):PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Favorite Animal:Penguins!
Bio:Hi!Kit here!I guess I just tell you about myself huh,well.......
I really LOVE gymnastics,I was the first American Girl Doll in the family,I love my phone,My picture is so ugly,I have glasses,and I LOVE SHOPPING!And sometimes I am told that I a the "Girly-Girl"of the family,but I have no idea where that came from!

Name:Saige Melody Copeland
Nick-Name:I have none...
Pet-Peeve:When someone wakes me up from my nap!
Favorite Color(s):Blue and Red
Favorite Animal:Dogs
Bio:Uhhhhh,Soooooooo.I am Saige,I like video games,skateboarding,and pranks.Uh,I wish I didn't have to put my middle name,I dont really like it.My favorite type of music is rock.And I dont mind the camera(Sometimes :3)

Name:Adalaine Eclypse Lyinne
Pet-Peeve:When people ask if my hair is naturally red....BEACUSE IT IS!!
Favorite Animal:Bunnies
Hobby:I like soccer
Bio:Hello,Adalaine here!I am part of The Curly Fry Rebellion,and some other top secret stuff.I also like Minecraft.I AM A NATRAUL RED HEAD GEEZ!!Anyway,CURLY FRIES ARE EVIL.Okay,so my sisters said that not all that I am supposed to put so,I used to be in foster care until Sophie found me,I dont mind video games and I like to play them with Saige,I dont know why but everyone thinks I am crazy.Its wEiRddddD.I also really hate when people guess my age,IT AINT PRETTY.Anyway I think thats it.

 Name:Caroline Ahava Abbot
Pet-Peeve:When my house gets crazy and I feel like the only normal one.
Favorite Animal:Cats
Bio:Uh,Hi,My name is Caroline,I am 11 years old,and I am kinda shy,and sometimes I feel a bit left out.I really love photography and animals.I am really into volunteering for charitys and the Humane-Society.I also really love art,and some light video gaming. 

Family Vlog:1

Hey!So i am starting the first thing is.....Family Vlogs!So,I am gonna post what my dolls are up to hope fully each day.Sometimes they will have dialogue,then sometimes just it will be narative.But,i hope you enjoy our little peices of our doll life (almost)each day!Enjoy~Sophie

Caroline,introducing herself!
Hangin' With the Sibs!(siblings :3)
Hangin some more,also Kit freaking out in background.Lol!

Kit finnally gets Saige to the camera to end out the first family vlog.See you guys in te next family vlog!-Ag Bookworm Family