Monday, January 11, 2016

Meet My Dolls

Hey!So,I thought the next best thing to do is make a My Dolls space!So listing out my dolls an some of their personality traits.

Name:Ruth-Anne Fay Smith
Pet-Peeve:When my younger "sibs" annoy me.
Favorite Color(s):Red
Favorite Animal: HORSES!!
Bio:Hey I am Ruth-Anne,but no need to call me that,just call me Ruthie!I am a 16 year-old who just loves animals!I am the oldest out of the Ag Bookworm family.I am an older(1998)Our Generation Doll who was rescued way,way,way,way,way back when from a garage sale.I was the first doll to enter the family.Some of my favorite things are,Horses,riding horses,dogs,and volunteering at animal shelters.I guess you could call me the head of the family,because most of the time im in charge!You can get to know me even better by reading our family vlogs!

Name:Kit Jasmine Kitteridge
Nick-Name:Kit,I guess.....
Pet-Peeve:When Saige hides my glasses.
Favorite Color(s):PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Favorite Animal:Penguins!
Bio:Hi!Kit here!I guess I just tell you about myself huh,well.......
I really LOVE gymnastics,I was the first American Girl Doll in the family,I love my phone,My picture is so ugly,I have glasses,and I LOVE SHOPPING!And sometimes I am told that I a the "Girly-Girl"of the family,but I have no idea where that came from!

Name:Saige Melody Copeland
Nick-Name:I have none...
Pet-Peeve:When someone wakes me up from my nap!
Favorite Color(s):Blue and Red
Favorite Animal:Dogs
Bio:Uhhhhh,Soooooooo.I am Saige,I like video games,skateboarding,and pranks.Uh,I wish I didn't have to put my middle name,I dont really like it.My favorite type of music is rock.And I dont mind the camera(Sometimes :3)

Name:Adalaine Eclypse Lyinne
Pet-Peeve:When people ask if my hair is naturally red....BEACUSE IT IS!!
Favorite Animal:Bunnies
Hobby:I like soccer
Bio:Hello,Adalaine here!I am part of The Curly Fry Rebellion,and some other top secret stuff.I also like Minecraft.I AM A NATRAUL RED HEAD GEEZ!!Anyway,CURLY FRIES ARE EVIL.Okay,so my sisters said that not all that I am supposed to put so,I used to be in foster care until Sophie found me,I dont mind video games and I like to play them with Saige,I dont know why but everyone thinks I am crazy.Its wEiRddddD.I also really hate when people guess my age,IT AINT PRETTY.Anyway I think thats it.

 Name:Caroline Ahava Abbot
Pet-Peeve:When my house gets crazy and I feel like the only normal one.
Favorite Animal:Cats
Bio:Uh,Hi,My name is Caroline,I am 11 years old,and I am kinda shy,and sometimes I feel a bit left out.I really love photography and animals.I am really into volunteering for charitys and the Humane-Society.I also really love art,and some light video gaming. 

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