Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to take care of Caroline's hair

Hey.So sorry for this being late.Im sick with cold and a horrid headache.Ughhh.Anyway,I did a thing and its for Craoline's hair.Its basicly how I do her hair.I wasnt able to do a family vlog because i felt bad and I noticed that caroline's hair was messy sooooo....Ya thats how i got this.
So if you have a Caroline doll,you know how messy her hair can get!But I am gonna show you how i take care of her hair.
But first your going to need a clean,unused toothbrush,you can use water if you want,but i dont it makes my dolls hair rougher for some weird reason...
So,take a piece of the hair and the tooth brush and....
And just brush it with the tooth brush then twist it.I would recommend starting at the bottom to brush.
And here is the result(If you dont like it you can always redo it.I redid after i took this pic)
 Repeat for each lock of hair.
Oh yeah,Dont forget about brushing the top of the head for any kinks or fly-aways.
And there you have it!Your curly haired doll/Caroline doll looks great!

Sorry for some of the weird lighting,i used a different camera!
See yall in tomorrows post-Sophie

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