Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kit Post:Secrets and LLAMA-CORNS!?!??!

Hi guys!Kit here!And Addi gave me a gift.Its really....Cool!But thats not all were talking about today.

She gave me this awesome poster with........

A Lllama corn!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!Like this is so amazing!I will be hanging it up soon so you might just see it soon!

Anyway,enugh about the llama-corn.TIME FOR SECRETS!!!!!
Saige has a secret.Im not exactly sure what it is but I know its a DOOZY!
Well also another big news.Im going to have my own colum!!!!Its going to be called
 Kit's Colum!
Also,you may have noticed I am not wearing my glasses.I Got contacts!I dont know what I am gonna sick with,so ya.
See ya'll later!-Kit

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