Friday, June 17, 2016

Saige says a bit about herself!

Hey guys Saige here!So today i just wanted to let you guys know more about my self!
So one of my favorite video games is pokemon!I also quite like the show!My favorite pokemon is Charmeleon!I took an up close picture of him!He is also the 2nd stage to the fire starter in red and blue.Enough about pokemon nerdiness though here is his picture!
There he is ! <3 p="">
I also ride horses!My horse's name is Marshmellow!I have had her since I have arrived at Sophie's house.She was actually one of the main reasons Sophie made this blog, because it was inspired by a photo she took of me and Marshmellow.Well thats it for now!(sorry if the post is not quite in order i tried somthing new for the photos!)

Sophie:Hey i am SOOO sorry for no photo story!Its very hard for me to take pictures at the moment,As well as it raining every day!I couldnt get outside .Im not sure when the next post ill be.Hopefully i can post soon!Hugs!-Sophie


  1. It was fun to get to know Saige a bit more! Fun post!:)

  2. Thanks!Yes i hope to do one for a few more of my dolls :)


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